Grand Piano


Providing expert service, Isaac is a Certified Piano Technician, and has Registered Piano Technician status in the Piano Technicians' Guild. We take payment on the day of service by cash, check, Apple Pay, Venmo or credit/debit card (card payments incur a 3% processing fee). Please contact us for more information.

Piano Tuning


Tuning your piano regularly is vital for keeping your piano in good condition. Regular tuning also improves piano practice and performance, and helps piano students develop their skill more quickly. If you are playing the piano for an hour a day, we recommend tuning every six months. If the piano is played less than that, once a year is usually sufficient, although this can vary depending on a number of factors. Discuss your piano tuning frequency with Isaac, to ensure your piano is receiving the care and maintenance it needs.

Regular Piano Tuning - $180

This applies to pianos that have been tuned within the last 12 months, and do not need any pitch adjustment.

Piano Tuning with Pitch Raise (Pitch Adjustment) - $250

This applies to any pianos that have not been tuned recently, or have been moved, and need a pitch raise or adjustment as a result. 

Key Repair


Taking care of small issues within your piano can prevent them from turning into larger, costly repairs. Many repairs can end up taking longer and being more costly to the customer after an attempt has been made by the customer to do the repair themselves, so always check with your piano technician before attempting any repairs on your own. Isaac is very happy to show you how to take care of minor issues yourself - such as pencil or paper clip removal - to help you get your piano playing again.

Service Fee - $90 

Hourly Labor Rate - $90/hr: applies to all repair work.

The Service Fee is waived if the repairs are done at the same time as a tuning appointment.

Piano Keys


A full piano deep-cleaning service.

We offer a full piano deep-cleaning service for $650 which includes cleaning of:

- piano action, including debris removal from felt, hammers and action centers;

- every key, including polishing;

- key frame, including buffing of capstans;

- key bed;

- external piano case parts including music desk, lid and under the piano;

- piano ferrules and polishing where necessary;

- piano plate;

- piano soundboard;

- piano strings;

Also includes a piano tuning service (if a pitch raise is required there is an additional $70 surcharge).

If a full deep-clean is not required, spot cleaning can be done for our regular hourly labor rate of $90/hr.

Key Repair


Regulation refers to the realignment of the piano parts for even play throughout the piano keyboard, and optimal performance of each note. Each piano key has around 57 parts. Making sure each of those parts is operating as it should, and making any necessary corrections will improve your piano's responsiveness, and give the player better control.

A major regulation can take up to 16 hours to complete, and can only be done when all necessary repairs have been made. A minor regulation can also be done, which would take less time.
All regulation work is done at our regular hourly labor rate of $90/hr.
Contact us  to discuss your piano's individual requirements.